AGRI 115: Biotechnology: Food, Health and Environment

Image of cow with calf in pasture.

Summer 2019: June 10-July 12

Returning Fall 2019: Aug. 26-Dec. 20

Instructor: Leah Sandall

Class No.: AGRI 115, Meets ACE 4 Outcomes.

Credits: Three undergraduate credits
This course offers four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Certified Crop Advisors. Two CEUs may be earned in Pest Management and two CEUs may be earned in Crop Management.


Academic Credit 


Application of biotechnology to genetically engineer, identify, select or propogate microbes, plants or animals. Scientists who use biotechnology to solve problems with the environment, with our food system, or with human health will benefit from this course. Lecture 2, Recitation 1. Meets ACE Outcome 4.


The online Learning Management System (LMS) is Canvas.


High speed Internet access, updated browser, ability to view video and flash files, and email.  Recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


None. All materials will be available via the Internet/Canvas.


Admission to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Academic Credit Course: For information on tuition and fees, please visit the Student Accounts website.

Who It's For

Among those who would benefit from taking this course are:

  • Advanced high school students 
  • UNL undergraduate students seeking the ACE 4 requirement 
  • Students preparing for careers as science teachers 
  • Science and ag teachers 
  • Extension educators and specialists 
  • Agronomists and crop consultants (This course offers four Continuing Education Units - CEUs - for Certified Crop Advisors (CCA): two in Pest Management and two in Crop Management.) 
  • Agribusiness professionals engaged in marketing, sales or training 
  • Government officials and community leaders 
  • Anyone interested in biotechnology and plant science