AGRO 851: Grassland Plant Identification

Spring 2019: Jan. 7-May 3
Grassland Plant Identification
Instructor: Cheryl Dunn

Class No.: AGRO 851

Credits: Two graduate credits
This courses is offered for academic credit only.

UNL Academic Credit

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Study of plants that have ecological and/or agricultural importance in the Great Plains.  Plant identification, grassland ecosystems and plants' forage value, palatability and utilization by both domestic livestock and wildlife.  Cultural and historical uses of grassland.


*This course requires that you find a proctor to administer in-person exams.

Technical Requirements

High-speed Internet access, a current browser, email, and the ability to view video files.  Recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


Admission to UNL's Graduate School as a graduate or certificate student, and BIOS 101 and 101L and AGRO 240, or their equivalents, recommended. 


Academic Credit: For information on tuition and fees, visit the Student Accounts website.

Who It's For

Among those who would benefit from taking this course are graduate students preparing for the following careers:

  • Rangeland Management Specialist/Conservationist with government agencies
  • Land Steward with private conservation organizations
  • Ranch Manager
  • Extension Educator, Agent or Specialist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Co-op Manager
  • Students participating in the Grasslands Management certificate
  • Graduate students specializing in Range and Forage Science.