AGRO/HORT 821: Learning Biotechnology

Image of experiment in labSummer 2020: June 8-Aug. 14
Instructor: Dr. Donald Lee

Class No.: AGRO/HORT 821

Credits: Three graduate academic credits.

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Course investigates biotechnology and its application in solving problems and connects biotechnology to basic science concepts in biology and chemistry. Integrates individually-designed biotechnology lessons into learning standards.


Internet / Canvas


None. All materials will be available via the Internet/Canvas.


Internet access and email


Students must be admitted to Graduate Studies at UNL and have completed a minimum of 12 hours of plant science courses.


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Who It's For

Among those who would benefit from taking this course are:

  • Students preparing for careers as science teachers
  • Science and ag teachers
  • Extension educators and specialists
  • Agronomists and crop consultants
  • Agribusiness professionals engaged in marketing, sales or training
  • Government officials and community leaders