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Genetic Principles (Self-Paced)

Aug. 26-Dec. 20, 2019
Jan. 13-May 8, 2020

Professional Certificate

Select from 3 modules for 1 unit each


Don Lee & Grace Troupe


Registration for Non-credit Professional Development (self-paced).


Genetic principles of inheritance in plants and animals and their significance in biology and agriculture will be discussed. Topics include the physical basis of heredity in families and populations; introduction to chromosome biology; the molecular basis for gene expression; and modern genetic engineering tools used in animal and plant systems. Weekly problem sets and some participant-run experiments will be used to clarify genetics and selective plant breeding topics.


These self-paced modules are recommended for self-motivated individuals. They are held in Campus eXtension Online. Non-credit learners will receive an Enrollment Key/Password near the start of the session.


High-speed Internet access with an updated browser, email, and video ability. Recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


All materials will be available via eXtension / Canvas, Plant & Soil Sciences eLibrary.

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$270 for each module.