AGRO 896: Env. Impacts of Crop Genetics - Weed Evolution

Cancelled for Spring 2019Giant Ragweed

Instructor:  Dr. Melinda Yerka & Leah Sandall

Class No.: AGRO 496/896

Credits: One academic credits
This course is available to graduate students, advanced undergraduate students and to non-credit professional development learners.  Graduate students must earn a B or above and non-credit students must earn a 70 percent or above.

Certified Crop Advisers may earn 10 CEUs for this course (5 in Crop Management and 5 in Pest Management).


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Module Description:  Herbicides have been used in agriculture since the 1950s, and quickly resulted in the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds. Originally, naturally-occurring mutations were the source of herbicide resistance in weed populations, but with the advent of advanced crop genetic technologies (such as herbicide resistance), crop-to-weed gene flow has emerged as another source of resistance. The goal of this course is to help students understand how selective pressures are applied to plant populations both in breeding programs and on weed populations growing in fields, to understand outcomes in plant response and competitive ability. Students will learn how to connect applied weed ecology studies with plant breeding, genomics, and biochemistry resources to identify mechanism(s) of herbicide resistance or other adaptive traits. Students will also learn how to assess the environmental impacts of new crop traits in greenhouse, field and landscape-level environments. Understanding the connection between genotype and phenotype in all plant species within an agroecosystem will improve systems-based thinking and lead to interdisciplinary collaborations within the plant sciences to improve sustainability.


The course will be held in the Campus Extension virtual class.  See the attached Syllabus.  This course has an online section only. Lectures have been recorded and students will be expected to have completed reading assignments for each day's lecture.  The instructor will be available to answer questions via email, telephone or in her office by appointment. Please contact Leah Sandall at or 402-472-9295 if you haven't received the class password.


High-speed Internet access with an updated browser, email, and ability to view videos. Recommended browsers include Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


None. All materials will be made available via the Internet. 


AGRO 412/812 Crop & Weed Genetics as well as general coursework in plant science, genetics and/or biology. Individuals taking the course for academic credit must be enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Those taking the class for non-credit should be in the Department of Agronomy & Horticulture's Plant Breeding & Genetics professional certificate or a similar program.


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Who It's For

Among those who would benefit from taking this course are:

  • Advanced undergraduate students and graduate students preparing for more intensive or specialized study later.  Graduate students must earn a B or above to include this class on their Memorandum of Courses (MOC).
  • Seed industry personnel
  • Plant Breeding & Genetics professional development certificate participants
  • Extension educators, agents and specialists
  • Science instructors and teachers
  • Certified professional agronomists and crop consultants