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Professional Certificate

One module

Certified Crop Advisors may also earn 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in Pest Management and 5 CEUs in Professional Development.




Noncredit Professional Development by credit card (Your zip code must match the credit card’s billing address for you.)


This module focuses on the challenge of breeding new cultivars for reliability across unpredictable environments. Learners will identify types and causes of phenotypic instability caused by environmental factors. They will master the process of quantifying the impact of genotype by environment interactions (G x E) on selection and testing and the use of statistical concepts to describe/model interactions. Examples of breeding tools and techniques (DNA markers, QTL mapping, precision phenotyping) will be implemented into case studies.


Online learners have the option of participating in twice weekly lectures presented to resident, on-campus students or viewing the taped lectures online. The resident class section, which will be available “live” via the Internet for distance students, will meet on days and times to be announced.


Good Internet access, e-mail and the SAS software program. A free educational download is available at:



Completion of Self-Pollinated Plant Breeding for Professionals, Genetic Resources for Plant Breeding, and Outcrossing in Plant Breedingis recommended, along with a good background in statistics.


$270 per unit hour

Who It’s For

Among those who would benefit from taking this class are:

  • Plant Breeding & Genetics professional certificate learners
  • Plant breeding and seed industry professionals
  • Certified Crop Advisors