Improving Plants Using Hybrid Vigor Module

Plants showing various types of hybred vigor or heterosis

February 26 – April 6, 2018

Professional Certificate

One unit

The module is also offered for noncredit professional development.


Joe Keaschall


Noncredit Professional Development by credit card.


Module covers classical concepts of heterosis. The module will introduce learners to other concepts such as genetic hypotheses for hybrid vigor, quantitative genetics of heterosis, and new tools to study hybrid vigor. The content of the module will address organization of germplasm into heterotic groups, prediction of heterosis and hybrid performance. The mechanisms for making hybrid seed will also be discussed.



This module has both a resident, on-campus section and an online section.


Internet access and email




Completion of Self-Pollinated Plant Breeding for Professionals, Genetic Resources for Plant Breeding, and Outcrossing in Plant Breeding is recommended.


Noncredit Professional Development Module: $270 total cost

Who It’s For

Among those who would benefit from taking this session are:

  • Plant breeding and seed industry professionals
  • Plant Breeding & Genetics Professional Certificate participants
  • Food industry personnel
  • Certified Crop Advisors
  • Extension educators, agents and specialists