Possible Minors for Agronomy or Horticulture Master's of Science (MS) Students

Master's degree students pursuing the Option II (project) track are required to have a minor by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A minor is a minimum of 9 credit hours in classes from a University of Nebraska-Lincoln major area.  Students may not develop their own minors as the minors are approved by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Board of Regents.

Master's degree students pursuing the Option I (thesis) track are not required to have a minor, but they may have one if approved by their advisor or graduate committee.

Online Entomology courses for an ENTO minor.
NumberCourse NameCredits
ENTO 801 Insect Physiology 3
ENTO 803 Management of Horticulture Insects 3
ENTO 805 Intro. to Entomology 1
ENTO 809 Insect Control by Host Plant Resistance 3
ENTO 810 Insects as Educational Tools for the Classroom 3
ENTO 812 Entomology and Pest Management 3
ENTO/FORS 814 Forensic Entomology 3
ENTO 818 Insect ID & Natural History 4
ENTO 819 Insect Behavior 3
ENTO 820 Insect Toxicology 2
ENTO 825 Management of Agronomic Crop Insects 3
AGRO 828
Scientific Illustration 3
ENTO 830 Intro. to the Development of Distance Education Courses 3
ENTO 837 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Sensitive Environments 1
ENTO 896 Independent Study: Insect Evolution 3
ENTO 896 Independent Study: Insects in Pop Culture 1

Online Courses for Agricultural Leadership
(minimum 9 credits are needed)
NumberCourse NameCredits
ALEC 801 Theoretical Foundations of Leadership - usually a pre-requisite for many ALEC classes 3
ALEC 802 Developing Leadership Capacity in Organizations & Communities 3
ALEC 804 Problems of Beginning Agriscience Teachers 3
ALEC 805 Advanced Teaching Strategies 3
ALEC/ENTO 830 Introduction to the Development of Distance Education Courses 3
ALEC 807 Supervisory Leadership 3
ALEC 810 Environmental Leadership 3
ALEC 816 Management Strategies in Distance Education Environments 3
ALEC 877 Leadership & Motivation 3
ALEC 906 Theoretical Foundations of Distance Education 3
ALEC 908 Organization of the Agricultural Mechanics Program 3
ALEC 913 Program Development in Occupational Education 3
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Minor
Online Courses for college STEM Education Minor
Take a combination from at least two different departments and pass a comprehensive exam in the form of a teaching statement. This statement is scored by three committee members of the graduate minor committee. Please visit the website for appropriate courses.  These courses below are online.
NumberCourse NameCredits
ALEC 805 Advanced Teaching Strategies 3
ALEC 830 Introduction to the Development of Distance Education Courses 3
TEAC 880 Teaching with Technology 1-3
Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education (TLTE)

Online Courses for Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education

NumberCourse NameCredits
TEAC 800 Inquiry into Teaching & Learning (required for minor) 3
TEAC 801 Curriculum Inquiry (required for minor) 3
TEAC XXX Any other online TEAC graduate class 3

Natural Resources Sciences
Online Courses for Natural Resources Minor (only 9 credits are needed)
NumberCourse NameCredits
NRES 809 Laboratory Earth:  Earth & It's Natural Systems 3
NRES 813 Environmental Leadership 3
NRES 814 Laboratory Earth: Earth's Natural Resource Systems 3
NRES 822 Laboratory Earth: Earth's Changing Systems 3
NRES 830 Laboratory Earth: Climate Research Applications 3
NRES 832 Laboratory Earth: Human Dimensions of Climate Change 3
NRES 883 Ecological Economics 3
NRES 898 Special Topics in Natural Resources 3

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