Crop and Weed Genetics

SSmall Marestail weed shown

January 7 – May 3, 2019

Professional Certificate

Two units: Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) may earn 3 Crop Management and 2 Pest Management CEUs for this module.


Don Lee


Noncredit Professional Development


This online mini-module is designed to provide agronomy, seed and agribusiness professionals an understanding of the genetic basis for variation observed among crop varieties and weed populations, and to provide insights into the development of new traits in crop varieties. Students learn how to apply classical and molecular genetic principles to explain variation observed in plant families and populations, and to interpret information gathered from whole-plant trait observation and molecular analysis. Examples from genetic studies on both crop and weed species are presented for learner evaluation and relationships between crops and weeds are discussed.


Lectures have been recorded and learners may view the taped, archived lectures online.


High-speed Internet access with an updated browser, email, and ability to view videos.


None. All materials will be made available via the Internet on Blackboard or Canvas. Please contact Kathy Schindler to request a guest Blackboard or Canvas username.


Coursework in plant science, genetics and/or biology and enrollment in the Plant Breeding & Genetics professional certificate.


Noncredit Professional Development Module: $490 total cost

Who It's For:

Among those who would benefit from taking this module are:

  • Plant Breeding & Genetics professional development certificate learners
  • Certified professional agronomists and crop consultants (Certified Crop Advisors, CCAs, may earn 3 Crop Management and 2 Pest Management CEUs for this module.)
  • Seed industry personnel
  • Food industry personnel
  • Extension educators, agents and specialists
  • Producers