Many agricultural professionals and online graduate students are geographically locked into areas where they work or live. That means they can’t physically come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, Neb., to pursue higher education or to gain more knowledge.

Our online degrees, certificates and classes offer the perfect solution.  Learners may stay in their home communities and careers while taking agronomy and horticulture courses from world-class professors and lecturers.

Online courses are a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous classes.  Synchronous classes are usually recorded for later viewing. Many online courses have virtual classrooms using Adobe Connect, Canvas, eXtension Online Campus, and the Plant & Soil Science eLibrary.

To ensure the best experience while taking the program, you must have:

  • An active Email account;
  • A High Speed Internet connection using current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or similar browers. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader;
  • Flash Player; and
  •  VidGrid, a video-capture service.

Key points of excellence for the Nebraska Agronomy and Horticulture online program include:

The UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) serves the people of Nebraska in the four-fold mission of teaching, research, extension and service. Providing online courses and modules gives faculty members the opportunity to share their research knowledge with the public, which allows them to also meet the teaching, extension and service components of our mission.