The cost of each module ranges from $270 to $750, depending on the number of units earned in the module. Learners need to complete 12 units—7 required core units and 5 elective units—to earn the online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate.

Cost per Module:

1-unit module = $270

2-unit module = $490

3-unit module = $750

Total Cost to Earn the Professional Certificate: $3,190–$3,240 (Modules are offered continuously throughout the year.)

There are no additional university fees outside of the cost of the module since this is a non-academic program. The registration deadline for each module is one week prior to the start date. If a learner registers after the class starts, they are subject to a $25 late fee. Learners do not enroll through the University admission process for academic credit. Module completion requirements for attaining the non-credit certificate will be different than those required for academic credits and are based on mastery of module content. This non-credit certificate has been approved as a non-academic program for professional development. For all the reasons mentioned, learners in this program will not receive academic credit or University transcripts associated with their certificate.

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